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Riedel Stemware Collection
Glassmaker Claus Riedel followed a simple principle: “The pleasure of the wine starts with the glass”. Thus he pioneered the concept to design a glass’s shape according to the character of the wine. Elegant and refined, these 24% lead-crystal glasses offer superb clarity to showcase a wine’s true color and body. This stemware makes a great gift for the wine connoisseur in your life.


This glass is perfect for young, complex red wines that are full-bodied. The shape directs the flow of wine toward the front palate to enhance sweetness, thus accentuating the fruit.


This glass is excellent for full-bodied red wines. Its slightly flared rim directs the flow of wine toward the front palate, highlighting the rich fruit while tempering the acidity. The generously sized bowl provides ample breathing space for the bouquet to develop, capturing every nuance of the wine’s aroma.


This glass is appropriate for light, dry white wines, including Chablis and lighter- style Chardonnay. Its narrow rim directs the flow of the wine toward the mid-palate, allowing you to appreciate the balance of the fruit flavors and acidity. The subtle elongation of the bowl captures the complex character of the wine’s aroma.


This glass shows off the rich fruit and sweetness that characterize Port. The bowl’s small, slender shape and narrow rim deliver the optimal balance of rich fruit bouquet and complex aromas, while understating the high alcohol content. This allows you to appreciate the harmonious blend of flavors and enjoy the delightful finish.


Highlighting the full spectrum of aromas and flavors offered by fine Champagnes and sparkling wines, this glass also preserves their elegance effervescence. The fluted bowl provides ample breathing space, which concentrates the yeasty bouquet and brings out the full range of aromas. The narrow rim directs the flow of liquid to areas of the palate that recognize the creamy texture.


Perfect for casual entertaining and everyday enjoyment, Riedel’s newest glassware series offers an innovative twist on the classic wine tumbler. These stemless glasses are based on the benchmark shapes of the Vinum Collection, each tailored to enhance specific grape varieties. The size and shape of the particular glass highlights a wine’s distinctive bouquet, while the rim directs the flow of wine over the palate in such a way that key flavors are emphasized.

Note: Stemware varies by store and season.

Bar Accessories:
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