Seasonal Favorites

Oregon Pears
A.J.’s is proud to offer you the famous Holiday Sunset Comice Pear, grown in Rogue Valley, Oregon. This Holiday Pear is one of the sweetest, juiciest, full-flavored Pears you will ever taste. They pair beautifully with an Aged Goat Cheese and Chardonnay wine, or a soft Brie like Fromager d’Affinois, and Riesling wine. These jumbo beauties become available just in time for your Holiday gatherings. Available mid-November through mid-December.


Sunizona Farms Tomatoes
Enjoy the true taste of a fresh-picked, vine-ripened, hand-picked Tomato from Sunizona Family Farms! The Arizona pride is prevalent in these locally grown masterpieces! Taste all of the real tomato flavors without any pesticides or chemicals! Choose from a year-round selection of Beefsteak, On-the-Vine, Heirloom, and many baby varieties.


Honey Crisp Apples
Honey Crisp is the new sensation in the apple world! It is a large, sweet apple with crisp texture! The Honey Crisp’s texture and sweet juicy flavor is matched by no other apple. Available from late September through early November.


Jumbo Pomegranates
Pomegranates are not only delicious and beautiful, they’re also one of the most nutritious fruits you can eat. Pomegranates are high in vitamin C and potassium, a good source of fiber and low in calories. Pomegranate juice is high in antioxidants, credited with helping in the prevention of cancer and heart disease. So, whether you crunch fresh pomegranate seeds or drink the juice, feel guilt-free as you enjoy each delicious mouthful! Available from late August through late November.


Medjool Dates
Large Medjool Dates are one of our seasonal crown jewels at AJ’s Fine Foods . Plump, moist, and luscious, Medjool Dates are simply divine. Our Medjool Dates are large with a rich mahogany color and soft texture. Naturally sweet, fat-free, high in fiber and cholesterol-free, they are a special treat for all to enjoy. Don’t forget, our plump Medjools are the perfect gift any time of the year. Available from early September through late spring, depending on harvest results.


Fresh Chestnuts
Don’t forget our fresh Chestnuts for your Holiday recipes! The simplest of all uses probably has never occurred to you: Eat them raw. Just peel off the outer shell plus the bitter inner skin (pellicle) and dig in. They have a subtly sweet flavor and crunch reminiscent of other nuts. To learn how to make roasted chestnuts, click here. Available from late September through late November.


Spanish Marcona Almonds
In Spain, there is a strong tradition of dried fruits and nuts. Marcona almonds in particular are very rare and much sought after. Native only to Spain, these large flat almonds have a richer, more intense flavor than ordinary almonds. The Marcona Almond, which is shorter and plumper than the typical North American Almond, is absolutely fantastic! Available roasted, lightly fried or salted, these treats are sure to become one of your favorites. Their higher fat content gives them an unsurpassed taste and texture. Great for cooking, baking, and especially snacking on! Available all year.


Baby Gourmet Potatoes
Take pleasure in the selection of Baby Gourmet Potatoes in our Farmer’s Market. Enjoy the rich, buttery taste of Baby Yukon Potatoes as well as the creamy flavor of Baby Red Potatoes. The intense, rich texture and taste will make a lasting impression on everyone who indulges. A perfect addition to your Holiday Dinner table! Available all year with season peaking in early Fall.