Butcher's Corner Selections

USDA Grades Available at AJ’s
Only beef that is inspected by The United States Department of Argiculture, may carry the U.S.D.A. shield of authenticity, sometimes referred to as stamps, which are highly regarded as symbols of safe, high-quality American beef. At AJ’s we offer you the 2 highest grades of beef.


U.S.D.A. Prime
AJ’s Butcher’s Corner offers the elite grade of Prime, reserved for only 3% of beef graded by the USDA. Our Prime beef is aged a minimum of 21 days and our trim standards are unsurpassed. Prime grade beef is made from young well-fed cattle. It has a high degree of marbling and is both tender and flavorful when cooked. Prime grade makes up a very small percentage (about 3%) of all beef and is generally sold to fine restaurants or in specialty markets such as AJ’s Fine Foods. Visit us today to take home perfectly marbled beef that results in a tender, juicy grilling masterpiece.


U.S.D.A. Choice
Choice grade is still a very good quality beef but has a little less marbling than Prime and will turn out less tender if overcooked.
Specialty Beef & Poultry:

Grass-fed Beef
This beef is sustainably- raised, free range, 100% Grass-Fed with absolutely no feedlots, and no added hormones or antibiotics. It is also high in Omega 3s with about half the fat and cholesterol of corn-fed beef. Like a fine wine, you will appreciate the subtle flavors of this healthy beef.


American Style Kobe Beef
We offer steaks, as well as the “Ultimate” hamburger, created from the best American cattle and traditional Wagyu genetics. American Style Kobe Beef is raised in the hormone-free, all-natural American Kobe tradition, resulting in amazing flavor and unmatched tenderness.


Dry-Aged Beef
Dry-aging is a craft of preserving meat which creates cuts of beef with an incomparable depth of flavor and tenderness, coveted by chefs and serious cooks throughout the world. During the lengthy dry-aging process, the beef is held in coolers under tight temperature, air-circulation and humidity controls. During the aging process, the beef will lose up to 25% of its original weight. As it loses moisture, the flavors become richer, more concentrated and more intense. At the same time, natural enzymes tenderize the beef and render it fork-tender. For these reasons, you’ll only find Dry-Aged Beef at the finest restaurants, butcher shops and select AJ’s Fine Foods markets.


All-Natural Pork
AJ’s fresh, all-natural pork is raised by American Farm Families and genetically verified 100% DUROC Sire Line. Minimally processed with no added hormones, steroids or artificial ingredients, experience the tenderness and great flavor in this healthy white meat.


Organic Poultry
Free range, antibiotic free, air chilled, and gluten free our chicken is fed a vegetarian organic feed that is verified non GMO.


All-Natural Poultry
Delivered fresh to our stores, our tender, succulent, full flavored chicken is raised on an all vegetarian diet, minimally processed, and is free of artificial ingredients.