AJ's Signature Fresh- Baked Artisan Breads

AJ’s Signature Fresh- Baked Artisan Breads

Locally made with premium ingredients, AJ’s artisan breads are freshly baked and delivered daily.

Brioche Twist – A true decadent French Brioche, it is a rich but unpretentious bread. Made with eggs and butter, this is a tender bread product. It has a close, even crumb and is not greasy or crisp. This is the perfect bread for mini French toast, also excellent with tea and jam. This bread is sweet and rich.


Challah Plain – Challah symbolizes continuity and eternity. Soft and pillowy, this classic braided Challah is also non-dairy! This egg bread is a traditional Jewish specialty, great for French toast and bread pudding. No matter how you slice it, Challah is tantalizing.


Challah Raisin – The crumb is fine and the crust is tender and intricately woven. With the addition of succulent raisins, this is a sweet, moist challah that is blissfully divine. It makes morning toast in all its glory, but is also good with a bit of jam for dessert.


Pan Au Levain Baguette – Traditional Pan Au Levain is not nearly as sour as people expect Sourdough to be. The French prefer it this way! Using a mild starter gives it a far less acidic taste. For this reason, it is a good bread to have with wine. A crackly crust and a chewy texture, it is best eaten right away.


Rustica Chica Ciabatta – Ciabatta, named for the old bedroom slipper it resembles, is very distinctive in appearance. Water, and lots of it, is the key ingredient in Ciabatta. It hydrates the starches that gelatinize and swell into glossy air pockets that distinguish this bread from other Italian loaves. The crumb is extremely open, barely holding the loaf together. This bread is widely used for sandwiches and for dipping.


Pan Au Levain – Pan Au Levain, made with natural elements of flour, water, salt and fresh yeast, has an excellent crust and a perfect crumb. Perfect with soup or for sandwiches, this bread has a very uncomplicated flavor and is very versatile.


Cranberry Walnut Raisin – A moist bread complemented with cranberries, crunchy walnuts, and sweet raisins. This bread makes for a perfect breakfast or mid afternoon treat. Serve this bread when you want to make an impression!


Kalamata – Award-winning, this bread marries dough and salty Kalamata olives for fabulously tasty crusty bread that is loaded with body and flavor. Can be served as an accompaniment to an appetizer or soup, or enjoyed with a hint of oil. Let your palate clearly taste all of the elements of this truly amazing bread.


Crunchy Sesame – Golden in color, with the toasty flavor of sesame seeds, this mouth-watering bread is best when grilled, toasted or heated in the oven to allow the aromas to burst into your senses.


Seeded Rye – Seeded Rye Bread has an earthy, strong-flavored crumb with the addition of Caraway seeds. Serve with an olive spread, or used for deli-style sandwiches, as it is a very dense loaf. If you are feeling daring, try it with peanut-butter!


Asiago Rosemary Garlic – With a hint of rosemary, this bread is very flavorful to any palate. The fruity, slightly-sharp Asiago cheese, a hint of rosemary and the addition of garlic to enhance the flavor, will make anyone tempted to take a bite out of the tasteful, enchanting masterpiece.


Seeded Wheat – Thanks to a tasty variety of seeds, this Seeded Wheat bread is also high in fiber. This healthy bread will go with just about anything, from sandwiches to soups. Dense in flavor and light in texture makes this a delicious all-around bread.


Jalapeño Cheese – Welcome to Arizona! Jalapeño and our 3 cheese blend, make this the official state bread! It captures the taste this region has to offer. The wonderful kick of jalapeño with the perfect blend of 3 cheeses is a perfect display of what the southwest is all about.


Focaccia – Extra-virgin olive oil, from Queen Creek Olive Mill, is laced throughout this Italian bread. The crumb is spongy, with a shiny aspect similar to but softer than that of the rustic breads. Focaccia is excellent for accompanying pasta, salad, or that first glass of wine before dinner.


Multigrain – This wholesome Multigrain bread has the proper balance of oats, flax, sunflower and sesame seeds, making this loaf perfect for all sandwiches. This bread is loaded with body and flavor, yet light in texture.


Visit the Boulangerie and you will discover why AJ’s earned the title of Best Croissants from the Readers Pick in Phoenix Magazine for 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, and 2007! Our unique freshly baked Croissant selection offers over nine wonderful varieties of French-style, all-butter Croissants. Choose from Croissants filled with Cream Cheese, Raspberries, Blueberries, or our famous Chocolate Filled Croissant.

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