Boulangerie Specialties

Specialty Desserts and Pastries
Our wide assortment of specialty desserts and pastries includes the following favorites and many more:


Gourmet Breakfast Muffins
Fresh-baked Danish
Chocolate Mousse Tulip
Cream Puff
Tuxedo Bar
Lemon Bar
Petit Four
Crème Brulee


AJ’s Signature Fruit Tart
Individually crafted by hand, these irresistible desserts make gifts that will be remembered long after the last bite is gone. A sweet dough crust encases creamy vanilla custard, which is topped with a beautiful assortment of fresh seasonal berries and fruit. The end result is a colorful culinary creation you’ll enjoy seeing just as much as you will eating it.


Chocolate-Dipped Long-Stem Strawberries
Don’t forget, AJ’s Boulangerie is well-known for its chocolate-dipped strawberries! Our Boulangerie pastry chefs have hand-dipped red, ripe Strawberries in rich white and dark milk chocolate and then decorated each to perfection. For an unforgettable dessert at your New Year’s party, serve a breathtaking tray of gourmet chocolate-covered strawberries!


Decadent Desserts

See the Dessert section of our catering catalog ideas for pies, cakes and decadent desserts such as our chocolate dipped strawberries.

Chocolate Èclairs
Let AJ’s put a smile on your face with our own freshly made Chocolate Èclairs. Our pastry chefs start with a light delicate puff pastry dough shell and end with a rich, thick, custard-like pastry cream filling, topped with a chocolate fudge ganache. The finished pastry will leave you asking for more!

Fine Chocolates

Granny’s Chocolate Creations
Granny’s Chocolate Creations are quality chocolates made locally by a Chocolatier in Chandler, which is why they are the freshest available. You’ll find a wide selection of Granny’s decadent chocolate creations in AJ’s Boulangerie. Visit your nearest AJ’s Fine Foods.


Jean Thompson Truffles
A passion for chocolate resulted in the creation of these all-natural artisan truffles. Made from the finest European Chocolate and 40% cream they combine intense flavors with arresting style. A thin shell provides an elegant foil to delicious ganache filling.


Sweet Shop USA Handmade Chocolates
AJ’s Boulangerie proudly carries Sweet Shop USA handmade chocolates. Sweet Shop USA was established in 1972, in Fort Worth, Texas. Today, the company is located in Mount Pleasant, Texas. We are a family-owned producer of hand-made chocolates.

From our inception, our company has sought and continually trained individuals with experience in the art of hand-crafting chocolates. We are dedicated to preserving the time-consuming craft created locally by Martha Washington Chocolates some 75 years ago.

Sweet Shop USA has received national recognition for creating over 100 varieties of handmade pieces including various Truffles, Famous Brags®, Nuts and Chewies, and our signature Fudge Love®. Our success is credited to our emphasis on natural ingredients, including pure butter, fresh whipping cream, and the finest quality chocolate.

Here at our factory, the process of producing gourmet chocolate begins by blending the all-natural ingredients, then simmering the mixture in large kosher copper kettles. A machine’s work can never match the product of one of our hand-making experts.

These chocolatiers demonstrate intricate care and attention to detail to make our exceptional gourmet chocolate. We invest in people, not machines, who take pride in their craft. This is our American tradition. Handmade fresh, one piece at a time!


Norman Love Confections
Enjoy our delicious gourmet chocolate, including selections of fine dark chocolate, white chocolate, milk chocolate, and gourmet chocolate truffles. Each handmade chocolate is an edible work of art that will arouse all of your senses.

All with no preservatives and no artificial ingredients, using only the finest quality of chocolates, butter, spices, nuts, purées and flavors, our creations are beautifully decorated shells made with dark, milk or white chocolate, filled with a ganache interior bursting with over thirty different flavors created from Norman Love’s unique gourmet chocolate recipes, including passion fruit, praline, caramel, pistachio and many more.

AJ's Signature Cakes Make Any Occasion a Reason to Celebrate

See our listing of heavenly creations by our Pastry Chefs. Divinely decorated and sinfully decadent, our cakes are available as 8 inch single, 8 inch double layer, or ¼ or ½ sheet. Order yours 24 hours in advance.

See the Dessert section of our catering catalog ideas for pies, cakes and decadent desserts such as our chocolate dipped strawberries.See the Dessert section of our catering catalog ideas for pies, cakes and decadent desserts such as our chocolate dipped strawberries.